Swift Recruitment, a growing temp-recruitment agency, specialise in working with fast moving, large businesses. They work with the likes of Jaguar LandRover and require a brand that is instantly recognisable and stands out from the crowd.

Working directly with the management team at Swift we created a brand that the team felt sat comfortably with their target market of automotive and logistics customers. They wanted a modern and edgy brand that was bold and original. Their brief was to differ to the standard recruitment agency brand. We created full brand guidelines that the team could utilise as well as lead their development team in the creation of their own website and CRM system.

Our solution.


We created a strong swift icon that would give the name context. but also would be able to represent the company both with the typemark or without. We also created a full brand guideline document that outlined the usage of colour, icons, font usage etc.


Utilising the brand guidlines that we had set out we created a number of advertising boards, signage and marketing assets that were used by Swift across a variation of media.


We twinned the brand guidelines and the marketing material with strong logistics images that outlined the specific niche that Swift targeted. This helped to explain the brands message in a visual form.