01. Scope

Rebrand IT specialists Control & Shift.


When we were approached by Rob of Control & Shift we were very excited about the project. Rob gave us a simple brief but completely open, he wanted us to help with everything and he even wanted us to name the business too, it was ours to pitch to him with our ideas.

All Rob stated was that he would like to use blue and portray their ethos which is ‘IT doesn’t need to be complicated’!

02. Create

A blank page with a simple direction, equals, fun and interesting for our team…


The rebrand started by our team working with Rob to understand the ethos/feel that he wanted his business to portray. We created a list of initial name ideas which weren’t just random ideas, they were well thought out with back stories or connections to how Rob works or his clients see him. We all agreed that Control & Shift was perfect…it wasn’t your standard IT name but its double meaning was exactly what Rob needed.

From there we produced a full brand identity, new website, took all new photography and gave Rob’s already successful business a new life.

Control & Shift has had exactly the impact we wanted, some question the name (in a good way) but if there wasn’t the questioning then we aren’t doing our job!

“Delighted with the results – and just as importantly – we have felt looked after throughtout the entire process”

Rob Savage
Owner/Director, Control & Shift

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