Control and Shift offer simple IT support to companies across the UK. They pride themselves on a simple offering with a flat rate price per user and are growing at a rapid rate. Control and Shift owner Rob approached Phase when they needed their new brand creating. Rob had moved on from his existing partnership and needed to rebrand to something new that stood out.

Upon starting to work with Control and Shift we undertook a brand workshop exercise to learn about the new business and what they needed the new brand to reflect. Rob asked us to not only brand the business but create the name too. We developed a solution based around the 2 action keys on a keyboard, ‘Control’ and ‘Shift’ but also this served as a metaphor as the compamny also controls the problems and shifts expectations with their impressive service. We worked with the team at Control and Shift to develop their brand, marketing collateral, build their website and photography.

Our solution.


Creating a professional brand was key for Control and Shift. We built a logo around the idea of the depressed buttons using clean colors and a modern typeface.


Across all marketing material we designed a modern range of collateral which had a family feel and identified the Control and Shift brand at all times.

Digital Development.

We devloped a responsive website that pitches the USP of Controla and Shift and that importantly links to their support desk.


A bank of images that show the team and the work that they do on supporting clients were produced to be used on advertising, marketing and the website.


Rob Savage

Managing Director

“Phase helped to bring our brand to life and produce a solution for us that stood out from the crowd. We are delighted with the results – and just as importantly – we have felt looked after throughtout the entire process