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We are Phase, an independent branding and communications agency with a passion for design. We’re open-minded, creative and people are the centre of everything we do.

We understand that all our clients are different with a variation in needs. Ambition and goals all differ, however, they all have one main goal; to grow! With our vision, craftsmanship & professional approach we provide brand stories that are unique.

Our belief is that with clear thinking, creative freedom and progressive clients we can make great stories together. Collaboration, creativity and inspiration are twinned seamlessly with intelligent thinking and cohesive strategy.

We are Phase and we want to tell your brand story!

What we do.

We help organisations achieve growth in their market by providing the perfect mix of creative and marketing services. Providing creative ideas across all channels is imperative to helping your organisation.


A brand is powerful, it is emotive, it is the epicentre of your business! Brand is not just the logo on your chest or the business card you hand over to your customer…its the feeling that you portray and the story that you tell. We love brands and forming your brand story is what we do best.


Ideas are our game. A great idea makes the difference to a business being not just good but great and we provide the thinking. Creativity is key to everything we do and we love the challenge of getting stuck into doing something different…its what keeps us going. Engaging, entertaining and rewarding, creativity makes your brand become a trusted market leader.


We live in a fast-paced world with digital technology providing information at lightning speed. A brand’s reach is limitless and harnessing the power to embrace this is imperative for success. We develop well connected, engaging and effective digital content across multiple platforms such as the web, social media, and apps; so your user has a cohesive experience and promoting brand growth.


Delivering a powerful and compelling message across traditional and digital mediums helps a brand reach out to the user. With a well-thought marketing strategy, a brand can drive choice, encourage loyalty and more importantly grow value. We help brands by developing highly targeted campaigns across multiple channels to deliver a unified experience – resulting in ROI and consumer confidence.

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June 11, 2017

Brand stories: the history of the ebony nectar

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The client designer dating game

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What makes a great logo?

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