Creating brands that users love!

We ensure that your brand is performing to the best of its ability by analysing and producing a brand strategy which challenges the norm. A brands importance is increasing with consumers engaging with your identity across digital platforms more than ever, without forgetting the traditional media brands need to represent. Your brand must be able to communicate with a user on a personal level across all channels.

By producing a brand strategy we can supply a framework of how it should perform, understand and solve any problems faced and define a future plan for a brand on both digital and traditional platforms.

Phase offer a service for both the creation of a new brand identity and its position in the respective market, we also offer the analysis and restructuring of existing brands, which in turn improve ROE (return on engagement) and ROI (return on investment).

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Our branding services

Brand Discovery & Strategy.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Customer Audits.
  • Marketplace Audits.
  • Trend Analysis.
  • Brand Positioning.
  • Internal Culture Assessment.
  • Customer Experience Analysis.
  • Trademark Research.
  • Brand Architecture.
  • Naming.
  • Engagement Strategy.
  • Internal Usage.
  • Customer Experience Strategy.
Brand Design.
  • Corporate Identity.
  • Brand Identity.
  • Corporate Stationery.
  • Brand Guidelines.
  • Brand Ethos.
  • Brand Message.
  • Internal Brand Comms.
  • Industrial, Packaging or Product Design.
  • Architecture & Interior Design.
  • Point of Sale Design.
  • Exhibition Design.
  • Internal Training.
  • Brand Management.
  • Engagment Planning.
  • Brand Implementation Strategy.