We were approached by KEIM UK; part of the international KEIM group (based in Germany) to design and build their new paint webshop. Their existing system was locked down so they were blocked from making essential changes, and the old website was underperforming with a number of drop-offs and problems for clients purchasing online.

Working with the team at KEIM UK we completed a detailed focus session that helped us to analyse their existing webshop, what the problems were and how their customers were buying from them online.

By completing this ‘deep-dive’ analysis, we were able to establish a baseline of important ‘must haves’ that the new webshop needed. Our team worked extensively on creating a unique e-commerce website that gave customers a pleasurable experience but also gave the KEIM sales team a platform that was adaptable, modern and unique.

Our solution.

Adjustable Content.

Allowing the marketing team at KEIM the possibility to adjust the website and make changes was an essential part of the original brief. We coded the site to use Elementor, a visual builder that allows easy changes to users with limited web knowledge. We also created a video tutorial section that housed specific information relevant to their website, helping the team and not being so reliant on a development team.

User-Centric Thinking.

An e-commerce website needs to offer the customer a reliable and easy-to-use system. We overhauled the website changing the way that the colour options were supplied to the user…this was a radical change compared to how their old website had worked. Making this change offered colour options to be chosen within the product itself rather than having to choose a colour first. Providing the user with essential information on each product and how it can/should be used.


Creating an experience that customers would enjoy, as well as easy to navigate was key. From our initial research, we found that the user drop-off rate was high and the team wanted to reduce this and keep customers in the behaviour flow for longer. By creating a user-first approach to design and building bespoke elements (such as the colour palette) section we were able to provide content that was ideal for customers.