As part of the Betel UK family, Restored Furniture is one of the charity businesses that helps rescue lives that have been broken by drug and alcohol abuse. Their centres provide homes, training and upskill their residents so they can work towards a life free of their addiction. We were invited to tender to work with the existing team at Restored Furniture and help them with their marketing strategy to increase ecommerce sales.

Our solution: working with the team at Restored we performed an extensive review of their activity, the brand and the user experience that customers receive both in store and online. Our focus was to help develop the teams understanding of how visitors to the site buy and create an ongoing strategy that will increase sales, which ultimately helps the charity to save lives. Our team provide backend digital marketing, creative design and ongoing strategy support to ensure that Restored Furniture are helping more people to beat their addiction.

Our solution.


Our digital marketing team work extrensively to help the Google ranking of Betel Restored Furniture and gain an increase in impressions and clicks. This resulted in over 15,000 views per month.

User Experience.

Using modern web tracking technology we added a heatmap tool to the website to see how visitors interacted with the online shop. This helped us to make decisions on what changes to make to the website and improve user experience.

Email Marketing.

Working with the team we have created a regular email strategy which promotes products and helps to aid sales, we also run a monthly newsletter that updates customers on what is happening with the team and across the UK workshops. We also implemented an email sign up and incereased the number of sign ups to the marketing month on month.

Re-marketing ads.

We created a number of re-marketing ads that run on a number of sites to create brand awareness and increase click throughs to the site. With over 40,000 impressions the brand is getting more recognition across the UK.


We worked with the in-house photography team to implement a brand new staged area at all the workshops across the UK. Our team then advised the interiors team on how to dress the furniture for a better buying experience for users visiting the website.

Social Media.

Build an audience on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram to develop a B2C following. Producing creative ads and imagery.

Event Management.

We worked with the team at Restored to develop and manage the design of their Grand Designs exhibition stand. The show was a great success with the team creating nearly £20k from one event. Phase produced 3D visuals for the stand, signage and graphics and promotional material.

Strategy & Management.

Ongoing we work with Restored to help them with their marketing strategy in-store and online. We help them to improve content, promotions & sales and any marketing activity that will increase revenue to the charity.


Working with the Restored Furniture team has been a real pleasure and the relationship continues to grow. Our current year on year sales growth is 30% and a fantastic return on their investment. The brand is growing UK wide recognition and more importantly helping to save peoples lives.

+30% in YoY Sales

15k+ visitors per month

20% increase in search

100+ page 1 ranks

45% avg email opens

15% avg email clicks

40k+ advert impressions

20% avg return customers

Chris Servante

Head of Sales

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